Tutti Amici logo


I want to show you a logo that I created for Tutti Amici Ristorante, a fine dining Italian Restaurant in Paris. Described as classy, minimal, modern, with a flavour of bourgeois and a historical touch, Tutti Amici takes great pride in providing its customers with high Italian cuisine and superior serve and atmosphere, in a special location in Paris. 

The final version of the logo is the result of the collaboration with Marko Eskalante. After a number of iterations and different ideas we concluded that the best inspiration for the design of the logo came from the actual location of the restaurant. The space is located in Rue Saint Honore, Paris. The four windows are positioned on the frontal facade of the building and shapes the restaurant’s character and identity. By tracing the actual windows of the place, the shapes were simplified by reducing the unnecessary details and the symbols that became afterwards the logo of Tutti Amici were created. 

Tutti Amici Restaurant - windows, frontal facade                                                                                      Photo by Tutti Amici

The Tutti Amici Restaurant is already open and ready to serve delicious foods. If you are in Paris or you will get there soon make a reservation and enjoy the taste of Italy in this special parisian location. The address is 47 Rue Saint Honore, Paris, France.