Danish Crowdsourcing Association logo



Last week I participated in a logo contest launched by the Danish Crowdsourcing Association. 

My design proposal didn't go through the selection for the final round, but I enjoyed creating it and it was a good practice.

Danish Crowdsourcing is an association with the goal to increase the knowledge of and methods on how to use crowdsourcing. 

The brief for the logo asked the designer to create his solution having in mind these values: openness, involvement, solidarity and collaboration. 

Therefore, my design idea was this one:

The DCA logo

The DCA logo: positive and negative versions

The DCA logo: gray backgrounds versions

Together with the logo I submitted also the description of my approach:

My idea for the DCA logo incorporates the values of Danish Crowdsourcing Associations described in the brief: Openness, Involvement, Solidarity, Collaboration.
Having as a starting point the basic shape of a circle that symbolises the unity, totality, wholeness, original perfection, cyclic movement, the logo receives other meanings given by the elements that compose it. The inner circle could symbolise the source, the essential unity (the organisation) that gets expanded with the outer circle, expansion helped by the external elements that are represented by the small circles situated in the cardinal points (N-S-W-E) - this way covering the idea of wholeness (the association). These external elements (the participants) are connected to the inner source by the 4 straight lines that represents the collaboration, value that could be read also by the external circle that connects the smaller dots (the participants are connected to the organisation and its core values and in the same time are connected between them). The straight lines are positioned to follow a spiral that suggest the movement of the clock. The spiral symbolise the balance, the progress, the direction, the expansion, the development and the journey, values that are very much applicable for DCA. In a movement visualisation the inner circle could be animated by the outer dots and in the same time the outer dots can be pushed forward by the inner circle (the core, the organisation).
— concept description by Andreea Vlad

I encourage you to vote the proposals selected for the final round, you still have time until Wednesday 22nd of October 6.00 pm. You can vote here

Have a nice weekend you all!