The portrait of Marco Eskalante

I am, indeed, a king, because I know how to rule myself.
— Pietro Aretino

"El Rey" - drawing, pastel on paper, 130 x 180 cm, 2014

I present to you the portrait of Marco Eskalante, a very special person in my life, with whom I share my passion for art and design, my love for food and a considerable amount of time and space.

As I said before in my previous posts, Marco is a visual artist and designer that shares his life and work between Copenhagen and México City. Going from architecture, his first love, through visual and multimedia design, he experiments also his artistic side by mixing different medias and platforms. Having a multidisciplinary approach, he is consistent throughout his creations by keeping a personal style, analysing and questioning the shape of things with the aim to get to the essential. You can see his work at

I chose to draw his portrait because he is a very interesting character and because of the connection that I have with him. 

This work is part of the series of portraits that I started some time ago, depicting characters of people, their image and role, viewed through my perspective that is shaped by the knowledge, feelings and relation that I have about/for/with them. It is a personal exploration of my surrounding reality, using the drawing medium, the portraiture theme and people that I meet in everyday life as subjects.