EN LO PROFUNDO by Franco Bianco

Deep where no one is looking, in the mundane, in silence, as clearly not seen perhaps we do not know what to call it or not we take the time to let it show. The depth comes from the alleged nothing materializes suddenly, almost without asking, rolling on itself.
— Franco Bianco "En Lo Profundo"


Hey you,


I am very happy and proud to share with you the result of my collaboration with Franco Bianco

It is called EN LO PROFUNDO, the new and the amazing album that is already present in the vinyl and digital stores. My contribution to this album is the artwork for the album cover. My inspiration to create this cover came from the concept of depth that goes into the micro and macro levels, from the cellular to the cosmic. Music has the ability to create spaces and states of mind that influences the movement of the Universe. Franco is represented as a constellation, the master of his own Space, moved by the vibration of his music. Beautiful!

"EN LO PROFUNDO" Franco Bianco - Album cover                                                                           Artwork by Andreea Vlad

"EN LO PROFUNDO" Franco Bianco - Album cover + vinyl                                                              Artwork by Andreea Vlad

My very own copy of the album! Gracias, Franco!

My very own copy of the album! Gracias, Franco!

You can find out more about the album and the release at the following sources:

  1. Franco's Facebook page
  2. Beatport Pro
  3. Soundcloud "Un Kolla - original mix"
  4. Franco Bianco - bandcamp
  5. Beatport Franco Bianco
  6. Juno Records
  7. You can order the album on Amazon
  8. And also on iTunes


ARTISTS: John Tejada, Gabriel Ananda, Cari Lekebusch, Samuel L Session, Yapacc, Bruno Pronsato, Faray, Iori Wakasa, Franco Bianco

RELEASE DATE: 2014 - 10 - 21

LABELS: Dilek Records



I wish you all a wonderful week!