Saint Andrew - Andreea's name day

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On the 30th of November, in Romania, we celebrate Saint Andrew, and with this occasion we also celebrate the name day of those with Andrew names: Andreea, Andrei.

And because names are important and they have a more complex significance, we need to know more. Doing a research I found the following text that describes and interprets Andreea's personality...and, yes, I find it bizarrely accurate.

ANDREEA derives from the Greek ἀνήρ (anēr), genitive ἀνδρός (andrós), that indicates the man opposed to the woman. In Romania Andreea is a feminine name and it is written with an extra “e”. However, the feminine variation Andrea is also used. Andrea as etymon means needle in Romanian. Andrei is the masculine form.

Who is she?

Andreea has a complex and ambiguous personality due to the two antagonistic tendencies that are constantly competing for attention: the more “male” side of her nature (1), lively, headstrong, bossy, independent and somewhat self-centred: she wants to be the best at everything, and tends to think the world revolves around her. Then there is her more “feminine” side (2), timid, passive and dependent, indecisive at times, as well as emotional, attentive and altruistic, stepping aside to allow others to enjoy the limelight. This strange combination of characteristics could make her seem as moody as the moon: enthusiastic and self-assured one moment; passive and defeatist the next. In fact, this is due to her extreme receptivity and emotional sensitivity, and could be more pronounced if her last name doesn´t contain one of the following letters: B, K, T or L. The influence of the 1 will naturally be predominant if she was born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th of the month, or in January; likewise the 2 will prevail if she was born on the 2nd, 20th or 29th of the month, in February or November. It will almost certainly be during childhood that she experiences such ambivalences, torn between her desire for glory (to be the first or the best) and the need for protection and security, especially as her active number vibrates predominantly at the frequency of 2 (inferiority and passivity). On reaching maturity, she could live in harmony with the frequency of 11, which is a master number and requires her to assume responsibility for others. Such inner-conflict can result in irritability, temper tantrums and misplaced touchiness and huffiness. Parents must therefore provide constant stimulation and encouragement by showing an interest in her life, especially in her school work, otherwise Andreea could be tempted to indulge in a certain nonchalance, thinking no-one is interested in her. It would be desirable for her to have siblings, and she could be an excellent teacher, proud of her role of big sister and of the respect that she inspires in her cadets. Andreea has got bags of character, and will advance slowly, but very surely in life, with the right support. The smallest failure or frustration is liable to affect her more or less deeply and could provoke heartburn or even nervous disorders.

What does she like?

She enjoys the role of leader and setting an example, and it is often through humanitarian or activist movements that she will fully express herself, perhaps because she has such a profound understanding of friendship. She is more than happy to lend a sympathetic, attentive ear and to be the person that others come to for advice and comfort. In stark contrast, she is extremely secretive where her own emotions are concerned, and this could easily be misinterpreted as indifference. She is likely to have difficulty settling for the role of a mother only, because she has great ambition and is only truly happy when she is fulfilled intellectually and socially. Highly inquisitive and curious, Andreea has a thirst for knowledge, enjoys learning and is often self-taught. She can be bossy, uncompromising and domineering in a relationship and won´t miss an opportunity to question the suitability of her beloved if he doesn´t behave as she desires and her criticism can be brutal.

What does she do?

Because she is essentially independent, one the liberal professions would be perfectly appropriate or a managerial position, of course. She is likely to be interested by the social sciences, whilst education is a royal road as far as she is concerned.

"Double identity" - drawing, pastel on paper, 70 x 100 cm, 2014

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