I present to you: Franco Bianco!

Hello you,

I had the chance to meet this year a very talented musician, a wonderful person and very charismatic man. We became friends and to mark this I decided to capture his image in a portrait.

His name is Franco Bianco, electronic musician orientated to the dance floor, his work covers from ambient or music to listen at home, to techno merged with folk, country and tango. He lives in Switzerland but he is touring around the world, and this way I met him in Copenhagen where he came to play and visit some common friends. We clicked, he liked my work, I got inspired, and therefore I asked him to pose for me. Without any second thoughts he was happy to serve as a model for my next drawing and this is how this work was born. 

"Franco Bianco" - drawing, pastel on paper, 120 x 200 cm, 2014

I won't give much information about the image itself, but I will give you a clue: he is Argentinian.

Moreover, this friendship led to a professional collaboration and soon you will have the chance to see the results (I won't say more for now :D).

If you want to know more about Franco Bianco and his music check his website: www.francobianco.com and his Facebook page.

This work is part of the series of portraits that I started some time ago, depicting characters of people, their image and role, viewed through my perspective that is shaped by the knowledge, feelings and relation that I have about/for/with them. It is a personal exploration of my surrounding reality, using the drawing medium, the portraiture theme and people that I meet in everyday life as subjects. 

Many of these works will come so stay close. :)