What happened lately (part 2): Red Xmas at Red Door


To continue the update of the latest events, today I want to talk about the next event that we organised at Red Door, this being the Red Xmas Market (19th, 20th and 21st of December). 

1. Me at Red Xmas


Red Xmas

Before Christmas, together with the Red Door artists we decided that it was a very good time to create and organise an art market/fair at our studio, so we can show and sell some of our art works. Being inspired by the Christmas fever (here starts in November :P) we decorated our space in a Christmas magical universe, and again, we transformed our studio in a gallery/coffee place for 3 days. We repainted the wall, we hung red balls everywhere, we brought a lot of Christmas decorations and filled the walls and tables with drawings, illustrations, prints and paintings. We had all kinds of art works, various sizes and styles, and also some hand made jewellery and hand-woven baskets made by the Mangyan Iraya tribe from the Philippines. 

Our concept was to create a space and an atmosphere so that once you get inside you want to stay for a while. Inspired by the famous Danish "hygge", which means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life, we wanted to attract the people in our space to enjoy our art, the colourful decorations, the warm glow of candlelights, a hot cup of chai or glogg (glogg is a hot, spiced wine, perfect for cold winter evenings), some home made cookies and of course, our presence. The event took place on 19th, 20th and 21st of December and we received many visitors that tasted our goodies, looked at and bought our art and enjoyed some quality time in our warm jazzy candle-lighted studio. 

2. Red Xmas at Red Door - panoramic view

3. Red Xmas at Red Door - our bar

4. Mmmm Goodies

5. Damn good coffee ;)

6. Our works

7. Illustrations by Søren Forsom

8. Illustrations by Søren Forsom

9. Illustration by Mette Højland Frisch

10. Illustration by Marco Eskalante

11. Illustration by Marco Eskalante

12. Illustration by Catalin Ardelean (our guest artist)

13. Illustration by Andreea Vlad 

14. Illustration by Andreea Vlad 

15. Søren Forsom in a lunch brake :D

16. Mette Højland Frisch creating some jewellery 

17. Marco Eskalante surrounded by his art, contemplating :P

18. Me with my trompette guy - drawings, pastel and charcoal on paper, 70x100 cm 

19. With our friends, having some hygge time

20. With our little pretty friends

21. Sweet sweet sweet 

We had a great time and we must say thank you to everyone that helped us, visited and enjoyed some nice time with us. More will come!