Oscar and Karianne - double portrait

You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear
— Oscar Wilde


I am very happy to be given the chance to create the portrait of my dear friends, Oscar and Karianne. I really wanted to draw this double portrait and to try to represent the connection that they have with one another and knowing them a little bit and seeing how they complete each other, I tried to create a visual metaphor to show their personalities and their relationship. Oscar is passionate about music, he is a very good DJ and musician, he plays in a band and soon we will be fortunate to hear and listen to his work. The way I see and perceive them is the way I wanted to represent them in this composition; he is slightly introvert and has a calm and sober personality, while Karianne has a very colourful personality, quite extrovert, being passionate about fashion and dressing up, inspired by the glamorous burlesque art. 

The title of the work is "Mousike" - greek word (μουσική), meaning "the art of the Muses", and is the root word for, you guessed, Music. So, I invite you to decipher the metaphor of this drawing!  

"Mousike" - drawing, pastel on paper, 155 x 195 cm, 2015